Historic Harmonicas

The Beatles Harp The Beatles Harp
Created in 1964. John Lennon was one of the first majorly known harmonica players. He played the harmonica on many popular Beatles tracks such as Chains, Love me do, From Me to You, Littlechild, and I remember you - to name a few. This harmonica made by M. Hohner became apart of the Beatle mania. Each Beatle Harp kit came complete with two Beatle’s hits, as well as a basic harmonic instructional chart and to top the kit off a photograph signed by the Beatles. The box itself displayed a photo of the Beatles but the harmonica was a plain Hohner. The kit sold for almost three dollars a box.
The Canadian Ace
Created in 1960. This Convex was covered with a fine nickel plating and displayed with an open back. The harmonica was housed in a hinged box.
The Doerfel Harp
Created in 1900. This harmonica was housed in a celluloid shell. It was famously known for its excellent quality of sound - having a purity in its harmonious tone. The harmonica came equipped with ten holes, brass read plates, forty reeds and its celluloid case which was know for adding a great tone and aided the musician while in play. The Doerfel Harp was sold in the Sears catalog around 1897 for almost five dollars a box.
The Tremolo Sextet The Tremolo Sextet
Also a M. Hohner harmonica that consisted of a corncob harp. This harmonica was equipped with twenty four double holes and forty eight reeds.
The Polyphonia
A number six M. Hohner harmonica that contained twenty five double holes, fifty reeds and was over eight inches in length.
The Rollmonica
Created in 1925. This harmonica was unique in the fact that it automatically played music. The RollmonicaThe harmonica contained a roll of music just like a player piano and it automatically could play a tune. All one had to do was insert a music roll and blow while turning a handle located on the harmonica. There was over two hundred music rolls made for this harmonica. Priced at a dollar and a half a box.
The Echo
Created in 1938. This M. Hohner harmonica was over five inches in length and contained sixteen double holes. The TuckawayIt also came equipped with thirty two reeds, nickel platted covers, brass plates, and turned in ends. The Echo came housed in a noticeably elegant hinged box that came in six different color options.
The Tuckaway
Created in 1931. An M. Hohner harmonica consisting of ten holes, twenty brass plates and reeds. It is completed housed when not in use and all one needed to do was apply pressure on the corners of the harmonica to bring it automatically into playing position.